Love without Metaphor

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the sky had frozen, arabesques dance so wild

streets flourish with much ravenous squalls

hair is being crossed by achromatic threads

only a few steps from the dandelion fairy-tales


just as you wake up on the opposite side of the globe

inaudible placement of your fingers strewing today

for another her: your lies and your rational decisions


everything I can hear even here


falling asleep in my wine-flavoured coats

trying not to think of you, thinking of you

a bit less empty as your place in my cold, cold bed

cold since believed to have been long made for you  


as the noon child’s cry goes on in my cracked bones

fresh sharpened cutlery echoes through the humid streets

and mind creates its own consequences

to which we are just mere results



you are on your own

I am on my own



complete strangers to each other

on time


it’s so obvious, pre-planned and well-thought

it has never been this white, smooth and real.


I get up to gather my pack of cards

uncurse the moments, untie the patches

until the slenderness of my skin is heard again

in awaiting of nothing but sun and spring

I reckon old landmarks

saying all over, again and again


we are the most in being the least

airy chambers of palace, gentle flowers

thousands of colour shades and infinities guessed


I am carefuly hanging thin tightropes above life again

I will soon return on the half-way between

this wonderful noisy world and calmness of deep sea-like sky


to bask in the rays, to soak in the stars  

to walk with brisk softness, to fall asleep in ease 

without armour of redundant coats and scarfs       










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