poppy seeds

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I know I may be fine walking alone:

just as I do, and exactly as I love


to feel the cities spread widely naked

under the shadows of my many silhouettes,


oh, and so raw

fresh brutal velvet vibrant purple smell

of poppy seed


not necessarily locked in the summer heads

it's winter shelves making it round and ripe.


The past will forget us quickly in its armoured steps

as I forgive you: I do, I try.


It’s not easy to explain pain, deduct the reasons

when my mind leaves me lonely on my own

and proximity is just as broad as naked

as the distance is real and bare.


Reality is just as real as you do not guess it otherwise.



I want to hold on to the idea of unknownand undiscovered

to the thought of being [loved], no explications

but blossoms in the touch

we die where' à la folie' ends.


I well rememberhow you canceled the first time after Hong Kong,

writing edges, sending but the blades

a few days after my May had upraised weary on the wings of brittle paperplane,

and the bells were already heard up to my place:

Sun felt like winter without shelves for getting ripe.


Then you canceled just about the thousand times.

You always had a reason. Each time it was pain.


I know I may be fine walking alone:

just as I do, and exactly as I love


to follow poppy seeds

instead of flowing perfumes, pedaled coins.


I keep meeting a subtle stranger: a fairy, perhaps a child,  

walking alone, seemingly just fine, dressed in flax flavours,  

veiled proudly in the idea of love, fragile in its boldness,

simple in its deep, pure eyes, walking alone,

warm, and just fine. 
















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